Spider Web Under Glass

  • $ 38.00

Genuine Spider Webs Under Glass 

Real Spider Webs, ethically sourced & beautifully captured in the wild, and suspended under beveled mirror glass.  Webs are treated and have a silver sheen appearance.  They are the perfect addition to any curiosities cabinet or display, beautiful when displayed on a stand on a desk or shelf.  Felted backing includes species info, date, and location of where & when each web was harvested.  Each web is completely unique - a truly one of kind piece of natural art.

Artist: Rocky Fiore, New Jersey 

Sizes Available:

  • 3" 
  • 4" 
  • 5"
  • 6" 
  • 7" 
  • 8" 
  • 10" 
  • 12" 

These are quite rare as the artist does not have his work in circulation regularly.  Each piece is 100% Authentic & Unique! Artist Signature on the back of each piece for authenticity. A beautiful collector's item.  If you would like to view an exact size (we do not have photo's of each listed, only an example photo), please email us: info@lesquelet.com & we are happy to provide more images for you!

Fiore says of the work:

"My concept is simply to catch the web. To preserve its beauty, and unlike photographs, my method isolates the web and displays the structure and design free of any distracting background. Of course each and every one is a real spiders web and they are as varied as snowflakes or fingerprints, yet they are highly stylized and recognizable by species to a trained eye".

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